Responsible Bidding

Entertainment shopping is becoming increasingly popular as it becomes recognized as a fun and exciting way to shop, and it is our intention to keep it that way. With that in mind, we will do our best to ensure our customers maintain a positive experience on our site.

At, we understand that there is risk, albeit a remote one, that taking part in time-critical auctions can lead to personal and social distress. This can occur if a customer spends an excessive amount of time and money on the site - reducing the time they spend with family and friends, and spending more money than they had wished to. To address this, has come up with some guidelines to help users maintain a responsible and positive bidding experience.


  1. Take regular breaks between bidding activities.
  2. Decide in advance a monthly budget to spend on the site and do not exceed your limit.
  3. Before you start participating in any auction, decide the number of Tokens you are willing spend, or determine a maximum price for the auction, after which you will stop bidding.
  4. Never participate under the influence of alcohol or medication or if you are in a depressive mood.
  5. Take note that not all bids will result in winning the item
  6. Bid only when you are fully rested and focused.